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  • Once we receive your key fobs, they are evaluated on camera in a secure inventory room. We will then email you a complete, itemized breakdown of your keyless entry remotes along with their value. Once you have approved the amount, we will pay you immediately, either by check with Priority Mail tracking or we can process a PayPal account.  

  • Pricing varies according to the type of keyless entry remote as well as the condition.  We are the largest purchasers of keyless entry remotes in the United States and we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. If for any reason you are unhappy with the recycle value of your key fobs, we will promptly send them back at our expense.

  • The keyless entry remotes need to be in fairly good condition. Some wear on the key fob is normal but excessive wear, missing buttons, etc will make them worthless. Once we receive the key fobs, we will send you a complete, itemized breakdown along with the recycle value of your keyless remotes.  Send everything you have because you never know what you might get!

  • The minimum amount of Key Fobs/Keyless Entry Remotes we will buy is 10. Generally we are buying 50-500 Key Fobs/Keyless Entry Remotes at a time.

  • Once you complete the form on the “SELL YOUR KEY FOBS” page you will receive a pre-paid UPS or USPS label via your email within 24 hours. You send in the Key Fobs/Keyless Entry Remotes, we pay you CA$H!